Get of the Unicorn
Get of the Unicorn
Book Information
Author Anne McCaffrey
First Published *
Publisher Ballantine / Del Rey
Pages 278
Cover Artist(s) Paul Alexander [1]

Get Off the Unicorn (1977) ISBN 0-441-00338-9 is a collection of 14 science fiction short stories by Anne McCaffrey, 12 of which had been published previously in various magazines and collections.

The title is actually a mistake by the publisher, who did not understand the archaic definition of "Get" (meaning offspring)...the title was supposed to be "Get of the Unicorn," but by the time the error was discovered, the book was already in print.

The 14 short stories in the collection are:

  • "Lady in the Tower" (1959)
  • "A Meeting of Minds" (1969)
  • "Daughter" (1971)
  • "Dull Drums" (1973)
  • "Changeling"
  • "Weather on Welladay" (1969)
  • "The Thorns of Barevi" (1970)
  • "Horse From a Different Sea"
  • "The Great Canine Chorus" (1971)
  • "Finder's Keeper" (1973)
  • "A Proper Santa Claus" (1973)
  • "The Smallest Dragonboy" (1973) (a Pern story, appears in A Gift of Dragons)
  • "Apple" (1969) (a Talent story, appears in To Ride Pegasus)
  • "Honeymoon" ("ties up the loose end"[2] of the Helva & Niall Brain & Brawn series)

Several of these short stories were later expanded to become novels by McCaffrey. Lady in the Tower was expanded to become The Rowan. A Meeting of Minds was incorporated into Damia. The Thorns of Barevi became Freedom's Landing. Finder's Keepers became part of the Talent story.


  2. Anne McCaffrey (1977) Get off the Unicorn ISBN 0-552-10965-7 p278

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