Vital statistics
Title Master Harper
Gender Male
Rank Master Harper
Era Eighth Interval
Affiliation Harper Hall
Spouse Betrice
Children Five unnamed in book
First appearance The Master Harper of Pern
Notable appearance The Master Harper of Pern


Gennell is the Master Harper[1] before Robinton, his wife is Betrice and they have five unnamed sons.


He is the elected craftmaster of the Harper Hall, who first saw young Robinton when he met the dragons for the first time.

He was the one to Petiron and his small family for a Turn in Southern Boll near, Merelan home hold.

Merelan and the rest of the Hall, particularly Masterharper Gennell himself, were largely responsible for Robinton's education.

He was the one to assign Mastersinger Merelan to Benden Hold, and to report to Petiron that Robinton would be going with her.

Appearance, personality and traits

He could craft any instrument, understand the needs of Pern wide.



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