Vital statistics
Gender Female
Rank Lady Holder
Era Eighth Interval
Affiliation High Reaches Hold
Crom Hold
Nabol Hold
Ruatha Hold
and many minor holds
Spouse Fax
Children Jaxom
First appearance Dragonflight

High Reaches Shield Crom Shield Nabol Shield Ruatha Shield

Gemma, the Lady of Crom Hold, was the unfortunate wife of Fax. She died in childbirth in Ruatha Hold.


According to Lessa, the only reason she abdicated her claim to Ruatha Hold to Jaxom was the fact that Lady Gemma had at least some of the Ruathan bloodline in her ancestry. Fax married Gemma to prescribe at least some form of legitimacy to his claim over Ruatha.

When F'lar came to Ruatha during the Search she was pregnant and Fax unceremoniously, without affection, introduced her as the «Lady of Crom, mother of his heirs». This later was proven to be true as Gemma went into premature labor with her only issue, Jaxom. Lessa was at Gemma's side when she was in labor, and she couldn't understand why Lessa bore such hatred for her at the time, until Lessa revealed to her that she was the daughter of the slain Lord Kale and thus the rightful Lady Holder of Ruatha. Gemma died during the birth of Jaxom, the event that acted as precursor to Fax's rage and the resulting deadly duel with F'lar over the fate of both Lessa and Jaxom.

Personality and traits

Lady Gemma was kind, and had an inner strength not seen by many. She had Ruathan blood, and it is because of this that Fax chose to marry her, as by doing so he would legitimise his claim to Ruatha Hold. Gemma was secretly a supporter of the old traditions, and believed that the return of Thread was imminent.


Additional Information