Vital statistics
Gender Male
Rank Wingsecond
Dragon Bronze Barnath
Era Eighth Pass
Ninth Pass
Affiliation Ista Weyr
Spouse Cosira (weyrmate)
Parent(s) D'ram
First appearance The White Dragon

Ista Weyr Shield


Early Life

He was born during the Eighth Pass and went forward in time with his father, D'ram, and the rest of Ista Weyr to the Ninth Pass. He was one of the younger Oldtimers that was able to adapt to the changes brought by their leap in time. He was a Wingsecond before eventually becoming Weyrleader.

When D'ram's Weyrwoman Fanna, died of a wasting illness, he came to the Hatching to tell the others that he was stepping down as Weyrleader. He said that G'dened had led for twenty falls on his Branth, thereby actively taking over some of the Weyrleader's duties, and that he was invoking a Oldtimers' custom to Open the Weyr to any unattached bronzes that wished to fly the next leading queen, Caylith, the oldest of the junior queens.

Becoming Weyrleader

T'kul and B'zon, against all agreements and in spite of their banishment from the Northern Continent, flew in from Southern Weyr to join Caylith's mating flight. However, Barnath flew Caylith and G'dened became the Ista Weyrleader. Salt, T'kul's bronze, died of overexertion, being an elder dragon, leaving his rider in a state of grief-madness that led to an attempt on F'lar's life. The Benden Weyrleader, however, was the stronger part, and T'kul was killed. The sheer tension of the scene pushed Masterharper Robinton's old body too hard, and the beloved harper suffered a heart attack.

G'dened replaced D'ram as Weyrleader at Ista Weyr.

Reaction to the Fire Ball Flood, and the Felines Attacking

During the time after the Fire Ball Flood, G'dened was getting tired of answering questions about the implications surrounding the event, but he was glad of the discovery of something they could do. It is recorded that his dragon, Branth, kept his colour, which is quite impressive, as the colours of older beasts tends to fade.


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