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Fort Weyr is the first Weyr on the Northern Continent. It bordered on the northeast High Reaches Weyr and on the northwest Telgar Weyr. Holds Fort, Southern Boll and Ruatha were beholden to Fort Weyr.


A detailed description of the Hold, established, the surrounding countryside, the economy and the other (on the basis of the The Dragonlover's Guide to Pern)

Protected Territories

Fort Hold, Southern Boll Hold and Ruatha Hold were beholden to Fort Weyr. Although the borders changed over the years, by the Ninth Pass, Fort Weyr's area of protection generally matched the borders of the three Holds it protected.


First Pass / First Interval

It was established in the First Pass by Weyrleader Sean Connell, rider of Bronze Carenath and his wife, Weyrwoman Sorka Hanrahan, rider of Gold Faranth. As with all of the Northern Weyrs, Fort was located in an old volcanic crater. Fort and Benden Weyrs were the only two Weyrs to be partly excavated using the stonecutter equipment brought north by the miners. As a result, the wall are smoother then, the other Weyrs which are hand carved.

First Interval / Second Pass

  • Weyrleaders:
  • Dragonrider with status: junior Weyrwoman — ; Wingleaders — .

Second Interval / Third Pass

Sixth Pass

Seventh Pass

Eighth Interval / Ninth Pass


Fort Weyr is said to be the largest Weyr on Pern. Since Benden Weyr is known to have a capacity of five hundred dragons by the Ninth Pass, and Telgar Weyr had achieved a six hundred dragon capacity by the Second Pass, it can be assumed that Fort Weyr has a capacity of something over six hundred dragons.

It should be noted that a Weyr's capacity changes over the years, as riders make expansions and carve out new Weyrs for themselves. For example, the capacity of all Pern's Weyrs went from 2300 Dragons in the Sixth Pass to 3000 Dragons in the Eighth and Ninth Passes. Early in the First Pass, Fort Weyr was said to have 520 dragons.


  • While earlier Pern novels stated that only Fort Weyr and Benden Weyr were founded in the First Pass, it was later revealed that all six Northern Weyrs had been founded by the end of the First Pass. This can easily be explained as a result of Weyr records decaying over time, and thus creating confusion about when the Weyrs were founded.
  • Oddly, D'mal and Nara are mentioned as being the Weyrleaders of Fort Weyr in two completely different eras of Pernese history; first in the late First Pass and early First Interval, and again in the late Second Interval. It can be safely assumed that this is an inconsistency, and as such, their names being the same should be viewed as a coincidence.

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