Fort Runner Station #300
Message Runners
Hall Information
Continent Northern
Era Founded First Pass
Protected by Fort Weyr
Fort Hold
Known Masters Torlo

BlankCraft Fort Shield


This was the largest and oldest of the Stations, location near the Gather Field, with three levels outward facing windows, with the roadway that runs before it. The doors that open into the front entry there is a slate board, that folks can write coming and goings. There are benches that folks can also watch the coming and going too.

Also a side beach that Torlo, meets with Haligon, and Tenna when what happens at the Turnover celebration, at Fort Hold, Healer Hall, Southern Boll Hold, Benden Hold, Landing, Southern Hold, Smithcrafthall.

Torlo, told Haligon, that frozen trace make for hard running.

Masters-Station Mangers

Sixth Pass

  • Unnamed

Eight Interval/Ninth Pass

Other Notable Residents


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