On a white field a blue fish
Hall Information
Continent Southern <bt> Northern
Era Founded After Landing
First Pass
Protected by All Weyr
Known Masters Jim Tillek Idarolan



Before Thread, Monaco Bay, This is were hatchery, and the main cannery the Dolphins and their Dolphineer, other locations Oslo Stake, Key Largo, Paradise River, Boca River and Seminole Stake, and Ierne Island group, During the Second Crossing it moved to Fort Sea Hold


  • Captain
    Master Fishman
    Journeyman or Woman
  • First Mate
    Journeyman or Woman
  • Second Mate
    Journeyman or Woman

Masters & Staff

First Pass

First Interval/Second Pass

Second Interval

Third Pass

Sixth Interval

Eighth Interval


Ninth Pass

Sea Holds

First Pass

Fort Sea Hold

Second Interval

  • Rinir Holder Half-Circle Sea Hold
  • Trinar Dockmaster Half-Circle Sea Hold

Eighth Interval

  • Old Uncle Former Holder
  • Yanus Holder, Master Fisherman - Half-Circle Sea Hold

Ninth Pass


External LInks

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