A medicinal herb that is native to Pern. In the Northern Continent, it takes the form of small, branchy, drooping trees with fragrant pink flowers. In the Southern Continent, where grubs are well established, the trees are much larger - at Paradise River Hold, Fellis Tree trunks grow larger than 3 men could span with fingers touching. Fellis Trees have clusters of berry-like fruit with tough skins that are boiled and strained to get the juice.[1]


  • Dye (dyes wherhide a deep green) Dragonquest
  • Narcotic painkiller that can be addictive. Large amounts can be lethal. Moreta mixed the juice into wine for relief of joint-ale.
  • Wood is used to carve furniture.



  • The Dragondex appendix to Dragonquest says that Fellis Juice is obtained from the fruit of the Fellis Tree. According to The Dragonlover's Guide to Pern, Fellis juice is derived from boiling the stems and leaves of the Fellis Tree.

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