The Federated Sentient Planets is a coalition of solar systems and species, of which Pern was a colony. It fought a lengthy and brutal war with the Nathi, which they came out of successfully.


The FSP's main authority was the Senate, which was known to be a bureaucracy-choked morass. Senator Garben was an acclaimed member of this authority who had almost singlehandedly managed to push through legislation for the Pern Expedition. He later had an active volcano named in his honour.

Member Planets


The FSP's military was organised into divisions grouped by sector, such as the renowned Purple Sector Fleet under Admiral Paul Benden. This structure enabled greater flexibility and autonomy of the various units. The organisation of the FSP's military may have been a contributing factor to their success in the bloody Nathi War, in which millions of people were killed, and entire colonies destroyed.

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