Fire Lizardgold Farli
Looks toPiemur
affiliationHarper Hall
Southern Hold
Cove Hold
ContinentSouthern Continent


She came out of group of eggs, that Lord Meron had harding on his hearth during a Gather, which came illegal trading with Oldtimer in the Southern Weyr, while Piemur pretending to be a drudge, he switches pots, and takes her egg, replacing with something that look like an egg, while looking for him, he manages to get into the storeroom, from the courtyard side, after he hide in the goods between bolts of cloth, for the Southern Weyr the two end up Southern Continent, she hatches right after a threadfall, and then they find Stupid in the Numbweed Plains, just before the Southern come to harvest the numbweed, the three join Sharon, in collecting her needed herbs, retuning the ships and then Southern Hold, they all meet Sebell and Menolly there. After Piemur is posted to Southern she aid him in exploring the coastline between Southern Hold and Cove Hold,

Personality and traits

She has learned to pass her fight, bring back what ever she can carry back to Piemur, later on she learns how to turn on special equipment, on the Yokohama, and the two other ships.


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