Eastern Ring Islands
Ring Islands in the eastern part of the map
Vital statistics
Era Founded
Continent Between Northern and Southern Continent
Major Holds


Jim Tillek did some exploring of this area, his apprentice seaman Peri did what dolphin communication was needed.

They are found on either side of Northern Continent, looking like a) most are tropical, and one is volcanic Young Mountain, Casss' pod was there till the short story, Dolpins' Bell Red Alert Recall from Monaco Bay Stake,

During the later year before the start of Second Pass M'shall and Craigath, Chalkin, dropped with the sevenday worth of supplies, near a stream on island number 27, which he reported to Paulin and Vergerin, when he got back for the Records.

One of the many island is were the exiled from All the Weyrs of Pern, and was checked after the tsunami when passed.


In the middle of the Ninth Pass, a meteorite crashed into Pern near the Eastern Ring Islands, causing a massive tsunami to threaten various coastal regions of Pern.

Large Trees and stuff from the off shore islands, which had no flat area but near the top. Sunrise Cliff Seahold, came to Southern Continent.


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