Dragonsongs - Performing Arts Press, 1985
Book Information
Author Anne McCaffrey
First Published 1984

Plot Summary

Dragonsongs is Dragonsong and Dragonsinger in an audio format Musical version of the best-selling science-fiction fantasy novels by Anne McCaffrey. She narrates the fast-moving story of Menolly, the girl who was born for music, but must struggle to to triumph.

Anne McCaffrey ..... lyrics and narration
Joanne Forman ..... music and additional lyrics
John Kingslight ...... guitar
Anne Eisfeller ....... harp


Winner of the American Library Association Notable Recording of the Year Award. (Teachers and parents: Strong feminist content)

Media Infomaton

36-minute cassette- $8 post paid Available ONLY from: Performing Arts Press P.O. Box 1101 Ranchos de Taos, NM 87557


Main article: List of characters in Dragonsong
Main article: List of characters in Dragonsinger


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(Peforming Arts Press, 1992)

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