Dragonsdawn with Sorka and the fire lizards
Book Information
Author Anne McCaffrey
First Published 1988
Publisher Ballantine / Del Rey
Pages 337
Cover Artist(s) Michel Whelan

Dragonsdawn tells the story of the beginnings of Pern.

After 15 years of cold sleep, 6000 colonists land on their new planet, seeking a simpler existence, escaping the aftermath of interstellar war and an overly technical society. The colony prospers until the deadly Thread starts to rain from the sky, destroying all life it comes in contact with.


Pern was a beautiful planet, Earthlike enough to feel like home, yet unspoiled by the industrial development and interstellar wars that had ravaged the other planets of humankind. And the few thousand colonists who came to Pern intended to keep it that way. They staked their claims to the land and settled down to build a low-tech. agricultural paradise on the world they had loved at first sight.
Then suddenly disaster struck. Deadly spores fell like silver threads from the sky, devouring everything- and every one- in their path. Fire and Water could destroy the Thread, as the stuff came to be called, but the colonists could not keep up with relentless attacks. Very quickly it became clear that the colony’s resources could not support a long-term fight against the menace- and the Thread was predicted to fall for fifty years. Some other solution would have to be found if the colony was to survive.
Then some of the colonists noticed that the small, dragonlike lizards that inhabit their new world were joining in the fight against Thread, breathing fire on it and teleporting to safety. If only, they thought the dragonets were big enough for a human to ride and intelligent enough to work as a team with a rider.
And so they set their most talented geneticist to work to create the creatures Pern so desperately needed - Dragons!

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