Domick from "People of Pern" © 1988 Robin Wood. Used with Permission.
Vital statistics
Gender Male
Rank Masterharper, Craftmaster of Song Composition
Era Ninth Pass
Affiliation Harper Hall
First appearance Dragonsinger

 Domick is a master at the harper hall. He is the resident instrumental composer and the Craftmaster of Song Composition. 


Domick was Petiron's apprentice at the Harper Hall. He was proud to work with him, even if they argued over compositions a lot. When Petiron retired to Half-circle Sea Hold, Domick was promoted to his position and became the new craftmaster of song composition for the Harper Hall.

When Robiton brought Petiron's apprentice Menolly to the Harper Hall, Domick was one of the masters who assessed her skills. He was quite upset with her for not showing up to her first class with him, but later accepted her apology. She joined his quartet, which consisted of him, Talmor, and Sebell, and played the fingers off of all of them.

Domick is one of the Senior Harpers, who wanted copies of the music AIVAS played for the harpers and others at Landing. He is also one of the reasons that a Printing Press was built and was fundamental in the the creation of the Printer crafthall.

Personality and Traits

Domick is a short stocky man who is self-assured and arrogant in his musical ability. He demands a high standard of performance from anyone who he teaches. He delights in intricate musical forms and quite loses himself in playing with others -even though he may be impatient with their lesser abilities.

He often relies on sarcasm to prod apprentices into doing their best. He favors sly jokes, droll rather than wounding. He is too intelligent to be narrow minded and deplores the hide bound attitudes of some of his colleagues


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