It is where the Dolphins were awaken in Monaco Bay from the long trip to Pern Long Sleep, They didn't understand that time had passed. The first Dolphineer Hall was at what was later called Monaco Bay Stake, and many other stakes that had fishing until the move North to Fort Hold, see Second Crossing

They are a very importation, glad to leave 'sick ocean world', and come to Pern. They were grateful for the Words for History, the removed of bloodfish


Earth = 'Sick ocean world'

First Pass

Dolphin/Dolphin Hall Inhabitants

First Interval

Late First Interval/Second Pass

None but the Lord Holder of Ista is said to understand them, the Southern Boll Lord Holder says that his fisherman always look out for them

Second Long Interval

Late Eighth Interval

None but they are known as "Shipfish"

  • Gostol watches them, and just say they are making sound out their blow holes.

Ninth Pass

Refounded during the by Readis son of Holder Jayge. Readis and Alemi were saved by "Shipfish" when fishing and this starts his fascination with dolphins. He was also warned of a poisonous sea thorn in his foot by a dolphin.




First Crossing First Pass First Interval Ninth Pass

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