Lord Deckter
Vital statistics
Title Blood kin
Lord Holder
Gender Male
Era Ninth Pass
Affiliation Nabol Hold
First appearance Dragondrums

Nabol Shield

Lord Holder of Nabol Hold, succeeded Lord Meron after his death.


Practically nothing is know about Deckter, except he was appointed by the infamous Lord Meron right before his death. As he was a very distant relative of Meron (child of a niece or nephew, a grand-nephew) and so an unknown,  Meron hoped that his appointment would cause mischief. However, Meron did not realize he had been tricked by Masterharper Robinton and T'bor, Weyrleader of High Reaches Weyr.

He was a carter, he ran a business between Nabol and Crom.

Appearances and Personally

Deckter was the new Lord Holder Robinton and T'bor wanted, so it seems likely he was a decent and good man, and was a decent and good ruler, unlike his late Grand-Uncle. He had a very sharp mind for business, he voted for Ranrel, as he liked the new dock improvement, he did, using plastic, he also voted for the formation of new halls, and asked if more ore was going to be needed.


Additional Information

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