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Dave Catarel
Vital statistics
Gender Male
Dragon bronze Polenth
Affiliation Landing
Fort Weyr
Benden Weyr
Spouse Lucy Tubberman died
Not Mention in Books
Parent(s) Not Mention in Books
Siblings Not Mention in Books
Children Not Mention in Books
Fire-lizard(s) bronze Kundi
First appearance Dragonsdawn
Notable appearance Dragonsdawn
Benden Weyr Shield
Fort Weyr Shield


Dave Catarel was hunting with Lucy Tubberman when the first Threadfall occurred, receiving severe scoring along with psychological damage from watching Lucy being killed by Thread. This caused him to be self-destructive in his behavior and how he fought Thread. His fire lizard was bronze Kundi.[1] He was later one of those selected to stand for Impression, becoming one of the original eighteen dragonriders. His Dragon was bronze Polenth whose Impression changed his attitudes for the better. He was also one of the first wingleaders, along aside Sean and Sorka Connell.

Second Crossing -- Fort Weyr

One of the original riders, the oldest of the group, he and his wing were chosen to got to East Coast Weyr, He was the leader of sorts, in getting things started.

Benden Weyr

The first day he brought Ozzie, from Telgar Hold. And when they started working shifts, he was part of the second group came from Fort Weyr that starting while the one took a rest.

Personality and traits

Bright, a leader, but willing to follow Sean Connell and Sorka Hanrahan. He treat all the riders the same according to Torene Ostrovsky


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