From "Dragonriders of Pern" Boardgame © 1983 Robin Wood. Used with Permission.
Vital statistics
Gender Male
Rank Weyrleader
Dragon Tiroth
Era Eighth Interval
Ninth Pass
Affiliation Ista Weyr
Southern Weyr
Cove Hold
First appearance Dragonflight

Ista Weyr Shield Southern Weyr Shield Cove Hold BlankHold

D'ram is the Oldtimer Weyrleader of Ista Weyr.


He is tall and red-headed, and his bronze dragon is the aged Tiroth. After stepping down from Ista's Weyrleadership (a position his son, G'dened with his bronze Barnath filled), he moved to Cove Hold, and lived with Master Harper Robinton and Lord Lytol. D'ram, at one time, also headed Southern Weyr to control the remaining Oldtimers. His weyrmate was Weyrwoman Fanna, rider of golden Mirath.

In the Ninth Pass

D'ram was one of the earliest supporters of F'lar, and although he didn't always directly stand up for the Benden Weyrleader during councils, he tried his best to call his peers, the other Oldtimers, to order. In contrast to T'kul and T'ron, amongst others, D'ram continued his support of the Benden Weyrleaders, and eventually, after a long career as Weyrleader of Ista, He was Southern Weyrleader till, K'van and Adrea's queen Beljeth become Wyerleaders of Southern Weyr, he retired to Cove hold. Here, he befriended Lytol and Robinton, forming friendships that transcended the previously strict borders between Hold, Hall and Weyr. He was joint administrator of Landing after AIVAS was found and willing to bring students to Wansor at Cove Hold for the Starcraft projects.

His son, G'dened, rider of bronze Barnath, took over as Weyrleader after his father.


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