Cristov / C'tov
Vital statistics
Gender Male
Rank Journeyman Miner
Dragon bronze Sereth
Era Second Interval
Third Pass
Affiliation Camp Natalon
High Reaches Weyr
Telgar Weyr
Spouse Terin
Parent(s) Tarik and Dara

BlankHold Miner High Reaches Weyr Shield Telgar Weyr Shield


Cristov, called C'tov after impressing bronze Sereth

Dragon's Kin, Dragon's Fire, Dragon Harper

He is the that found the new firestone, the one that fire lizards eat, he impressed bronze Serrth at High Reaches Weyr

Dragongirl, Dragon's Time, Sky Dragons

He and his wing were transfered to Teglar Weyr.

Later on F’jian meets an elderly Terin and C’tov, before the two go Between forever


Southern Weyr (Western) Weyrleader

Personality and traits

Hard working, willing to try new things,


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