Crafthalls are establishments that maintain Pernese knowledge and skills.

A Crafthall may be of any size, but typically, the largest Crafthall is recognized as being the center of knowledge and learning within the craft.

Craft Crafthall Location of
Major Crafthall
Positions Origin craft Symbol
The Traditional Crafts
Bakers Fort Hold Baker BlankCraft
Beastcraft Beastcrafthall Keroon Hold Beastcrafter
Farmercraft Farmercrafthall Nerat Hold Farmer Botanist
Fishercraft Fishercrafthall Tillek Hold Fisher
Glasscraft Glasscrafthall Ista Hold Glass-smith Smithcraft BlankCraft
Harpercraft Harper Hall Fort Hold Harper
Composer, Singer
Drummer, Spy
College Harper
Healercraft Healer Hall Tillek Hold Healer Medical Healer
Minecraft Minecrafthall Crom Hold Miner Miner
Runners Runner Stations Fort Hold Runner BlankCraft
Scriber Harper Hall Fort Hold Scriber Harpercraft Scribe
Smithcraft Smithcrafthall Telgar Hold Smith Engineers
Tannercraft Tannercrafthall Igen Hold Tanner Tanner
Traders Trader Trader
Winecraft Winecrafthall Benden Hold
Tillek Hold
Vintner Vintner
Weavercraft Weavercrafthall Southern Boll Hold Weaver Weaver
Weavercraft Weavercrafthall Southern Boll Hold Tailor Tailor
Werhandlers Plains Hold (Third Pass) Werhandler BlankCraft
Ninth Pass — Pre AIVAS
Papercraft Papercrafthall Lemos Hold Paperman Woodcraft Paper
Starcraft Starcrafthall Lemos Hold Starsmith Smithcraft Star
Woodcraft Woodcrafthall Lemos Hold Wood-smith Smithcraft Woodsman
Ninth Pass — Post AIVAS
Computercraft Computercrafthall Landing Computerer Smithcraft Computerer
Dolphincraft Dolphincrafthall Rubicon River Hold Dolphiner Dolphineer
Plasticcraft Plasticcrafthall Southern Hold Plastic-smith Smithcraft Plastic
Printercraft Printercrafthall Wide Bay Hold Printer Harpercraft
Techniciancraft Techniciancrafthall Landing Technician Smithcraft Technician

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