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Cove Hold

Background and Founding

Cove Hold is a unique hold. It was created as a special haven for Master Robinton after his fateful heart attack. This cove was found when Robinton and Menolly were thrown off course while sailing because of a sudden squall. It was well remembered because of its beauty and the unique mountain that can be seen in the distance. When Weyrleader D'ram stepped down he went between times to this cove and was eventually found by Jaxom and Menolly with the aid of Ruth and southern fire lizards. Jaxom also ended up here after fighting thread for the first time and in his delirium caused by the onset of firehead went to the cove to "warm up".


Cove Hold was constructed by the people of Pern in a matter of days during the Jaxom's final days recovering from firehead. This would eventually become a jump off point for further exploration in the Southern Continent.


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