Chio-Chio Yoritomo
Vital statistics
Gender Female
Rank Colonist
Era First Pass
Affiliation Landing
Fort Hold (posible)
First appearance Dragonsdawn



Chio-Chio Yoritomo was a friend of Ita Fusaiyuki; the two had been room-mates on board the Buenos Aires and neighbours on Irish Square in Landing before she moved with Kenjo Fusaiyuki to their home at Honshu Stake.

Kenjo apparently asked Chio-Chio to marry him first, but she refused.

When Kenjo was murdered by Avril Bitra, Chio-Chio went with Emily Boll and Pierre de Courci to Honshu Stake to break the news to Ita; who told them in response that she would continue managing the stake alone. When they returned to Landing, Chio-Chio told the others that Ita was «very ethnic», and not showing grief so as not to belittle the deceased Kenjo. Chio-Chio later left in tears at the thought of Kenjo being killed after cheating death so many times.

The youngest daughter of Ita and Kenjo — Chio Fusaiyuki, was probably named after Chio-Chio.


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