Benden Weyr ShieldSouthern Weyr Shield

F'nor's brown dragon Canth is the largest brown on all Pern. F'nor promised Brekke that as Canth was a big as most bronzes, he would fly Brekke's queen Wirenth . Sadly, when Wirenth rose so did Kylara's queen Prideth and the queens killed each other.



Famanoran Impressed his brown Canth at the same clutch his half-brother Falarnan Impressed his Mnementh. Impression to the brown permanently shortened his name to the rider's honorific of F'nor .

The Red Star

Canth made the famous journey to the Red Star during the Ninth Pass. His rider was wondering about going to the Red Star and Canth remarked he could take F'nor there. When they came out of between, massive winds and storms kept him from flying and they also broke Canth's limbs. The windstorms scoured off all of his hide except for where F'nor was sitting. They were falling and almost unconscious when Brekke's call of «DON'T LEAVE ME ALONE!!!» pulled them back. A living ramp of dragons from all the Weyrs caught the falling Canth and slid him down to the sands of Benden Weyr.


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