C'gan on blue Tagath, with Robinton standing in front of them
Vital statistics
Gender Male
Rank Weyrsinger
Dragon Blue Tagath
Era Eighth Interval
Ninth Pass
Affiliation Benden Weyr
Harper Hall
First appearance Dragonflight
Notable appearance The Masterharper of Pern

Benden Weyr Shield Harper

C'gan is the harper who also the Wyersinger for Benden Weyr, he believes in the coming of Thread.


He was the wyer-born harper who, learn from MasterSinger Merelan, when Robinton was a young boy, during her turn contact with Lord Maidir, to help him with his Harper skills, after they leave Falloner, helps him.

Later on he is there when Robinton returns, to Benden Hold as a journeyman, he is there at the first Hatching as Benden Holder Harper, helping him., which becomes marred with tragedy when S'loner and Lord Maidir are discovered to have died while attempting to travel to Benden Hold — it is theorized S'loner died of a heart attack, and his dragon Chendith went Between; inadvertently taking Maidir with him. He ask him for a ride back to the hold.

When Robinton became MasterHarper of Pern, C'gan was on who helped him, along with F'lon, In winter, Robinton is conveyed to Benden Weyr by C'gan — the Weyrsinger, who he met during his early years at Benden Hold — to watch a Hatching where both of F'lon's sons are candidates. Both end up Impressing; becoming F'lar and F'nor.

He would bring young Camo, stuff from the Weyr, When Lord Tarathel of Telgar Hold schedules a Gather where he invites every Lord Holder — including Fax; some of whose men were recently captured within Telgar's borders. During this Gather, Kepiru, a boy traveling with Fax, knocks into young Larad; Tarathel's son, and refuses to apologise. F'lon attempts to correct him, and ends up in a duel with Gifflen; one of Fax's men, who injures Robinton's arm before killing F'lon. Lord Tarathel arrives, and orders that Gifflen be exiled to the Eastern Ring Islands, C'gan who trying to hold on to him, as he was killed by Kinsale knife.

He show later on as part of F'lar Wing after the killing of Fax. He understood the drum message the was sent, when F'lar become Weyrleader, he had him as the Weyrlingmaster.


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