Its what happens to Thread runs into very cold air, or weather that kills it, and it falls as dust,


First Pass

It was noted at Sadrid Stake, mixed in with rain.

Second Pass

Sweepriders bring buckets to show, S'nan during the 'dud' fall in Second Pass, G'don, riders also watch. One piece of frozen Thread, was brought but the sink as it unfroze, they got rid of it. see First Fall Second Pass for Additional Infomaton

Third Pass

Master Archivist Verilan and Kindin work out from charts, from the Second Pass[1] but that is why they send out sweep riders to watch for it.

Sixth Pass

Ninth Pass

F'nor runs into while sweep riding weather checks in Tillek Hold, dust storms are noted in Upper Crom Hold, F'lar forgot about it, till Lessa quoted about it , in the Balled of Moreta's Rider[2]



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