From "Dragonriders of Pern" Boardgame © 1983 by Mayfair Games Original artwork © by Robin Wood
Vital statistics
Gender Female
Rank Weyrwoman
Dragon Gold Solth
Era Eighth Pass
Ninth Pass
Affiliation Telgar Weyr
Southern Weyr
Spouse R'mart (weyrmate)
First appearance Dragonquest
Notable appearance The Skies of Pern

Telgar Weyr Shield Southern Weyr Shield

Bedella is the rider of queen dragon Solth during the Ninth Pass.


As Senior Weyrwoman at Telgar Weyr, she is an Oldtimer, which means that she probably also held this rank during the Eighth Pass. Her weyrmate is R'mart.

Bedella is described by Lessa as «dim-witted». She is responsible for not letting the other weyrs know about thread falling out of turn, because after R'mart was injured she overdosed him on fellis and then neglected to check that his instruction about warning the other Weyrs had been carried out.

Stepping Down and Retirement

Her queen Solth had stop rising to mate for three turns, so Bedella stood down as Weyrwoman shortly before the events of Skies of Pern, and retired to the Southern Continent with R'mart. Bedella was succeeded by Palla and gold Talmanth, and R'mart by J'fery and bronze Willerth.


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