BeastCrafter, On a white field a yellow bull head
Hall Information
Continent Southern
Era Founded After Landing

Beast Ruatha Shield Keroon Shield

Beastcrafthall at Keroon Hold is a central location for many story of Pern.


The first was at Landing till the move North. There was only room for breeding stock during the Second Crossing. Marco Galliani's father was shipping prim breeding stock to his Roma Stake, so that why Duluth was waiting on the fire lizard fishing for his meal.

It started as caves cut out of the stone, at Fort Hold, there was much argument about who go was space Red, the Galliani, and the Logorides, would cry about having to leave fine bloodstock, on their southern stake holds, for there was no transportation North.

After the Fever Year, Pierre de Courci, took nine of the sons of the the Galliani, and the Logorides, when he when to establish Southern Boll Hold. Red has waged a way to get supplies like the sea weed that could be dried and turn into a fodder that horse could eat. Fed the horses their own bread rations also, he planed carefully, for he had in insulated storage container both egg and sperm, he hope to bread horses that could handle the hillier north.


When they Landing on Pern, they had waken from cold sleep, cows, horses, and sheep. they also started to train apprentices, midwifes, sugary, and first aid. Red Hanrahan, handled the interact between Sean Connell father's group Out and About, about the draft horses they needed to pull the travel wagons that were brought for them.

Masters & Staff

First Pass

Sixth Pass

Second Long Interval / Eight Interval

Ninth Pass

Healers/Hall Inhabitants

Note: This section does not list characters who later became Masters; they are already listed above.

First Pass

First Interval/Second Pass

Second Interval/Third Pass

Sixth Pass

Second Long Interval

Sixth Pass


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