Alianne Zulieta
Vital statistics
Gender Female
Rank Colonists
junior weyrwoman
Dragon Gold Chereth
Era First Pass
Affiliation Landing
Fort Weyr
Parent(s) Yashma Zulieta
Fire-lizard(s) blue or green fire lizards
First appearance Dragonsdawn
Notable appearance Dragonsdawn
Chronicles of Pern: First Fall

BlankHold Fort Weyr Shield

Alianne Zulieta was one of the original eighteen dragonriders under the leadership of Sean Connell. She was the rider of gold Chereth, who she Impressed during the Hatching of Kitti Ping's first clutch of biogenetically engineered dragon eggs. She died in childbirth during the founding of Ruatha Hold


Her dragon's name gold Chereth wasn't given till the short story The Ford of Red Hanrahan, when died given birth to her third child her queen was one of the first queen to go between, just like Duluth did.

She had blue or green Fire Lizards that didn't stay after the Mount Garben erupted and the evacuation of Landing during the Second Crossing.

Weyrwoman Zulaya of gold Meranath at Telgar Weyr in Red Star Rising was Fort Weyr bred, and from the bloodline of the First Riders.

Personality and traits


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